30 Nov 2011

I love life

I wish you like it.

21 Nov 2011

Trip to New York

Hi mates,
please check the info I've prepared for the trip to New York next year. You'll find it on the tab above.

Wanna go for a coffee downtown Manhattan...?

I wish you could all come with me!!!!


13 Nov 2011

Wear Sunscreen

Hi guys, here you are a song that I love. Enjoy it!

11 Nov 2011

100 years

Today, 11, 11, 11, my grandfather would have turned 100 years old. One century! Unfortunately, he's not here today, but it's truly comforting to think that he'll be in my heart as long as I live. 100 years is a long time... relatively speaking. But not that much when you think you were part of them. I remember my brother and I used to play cards with my granddad. He was great fun but as years went by he got kind of slightly deaf. My brother and I would try to cheat him by whispering 'throw a 3,' or 'throw a 5'. I'm sure now he could hear us alright but he would never say a thing. It was his way to show he cared for us. I also remember this Christmas day when all the family got together and stuff. We used to have lunch at my grandparents' flat. There all my cousins would perform a sketch or sing Christmas carols. But there was one particular thing I'll never forget. My granddad had a little black purse in which he hid some money and a tape. He had one of the ends of the tape outside the purse, in a way that he could pull it out. Then he would come to us and tell us it was a money machine. We were only kids and so we believed it. We would pull the tape and money would flow out of the purse. Then we kept the money. It was our Christmas' money. We thought it was magic! Everything then was magic. We would believe anything. The day he died, I was really really sad. However, someone said something I'll never forget: 'Just think of how lucky you've been all these years you've shared with your granddad. You should be happy for that.' You know what? I was. And I am. I'm really happy I enjoyed my granddad for quite a few years. And I'm glad I can tell you about him today, on 11, 11, 11. Always in my heart, thank you yayo.

28 Oct 2011

Hi guys, we're planning a concert in December. Here's all the information that I got from Frank. Don't miss it! Vincent MUY IMPORTANTE
ROCK CONCERT El jueves 15 de diciembre a las 19:00 se celebrará un concierto de Música Rock en la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Llíria. El artista que va a venir a actuar se llama Jools Cooper ( ) y os adjunto en archivo Word su biografía en Castellano. Será una experiencia cultural muy interesante para todo el alumnado, especialmente para el alumnado de Inglés, ya que muchas de las canciones que Jools interpretará son emblemáticas de la Edad de Oro del Rock/Pop Británico y Americano, es decir, mayormente de finales de los 60, de los 70 y de principios de los 80. Para que os sea más fácil entender algunas de las canciones, le he pedido a Jools que explique brevemente, en inglés, el significado de algunas de ellas antes de interpretarlas, mientras que nosotros los profesores, por nuestra parte, estamos estudiando la posibilidad de proyectar las letras, tal vez en una pantalla grande, para que todos puedan leerlas. Tal y como podreis leer en la biografía adjunta, Jools mantuvo muy buenas relaciones con muchos cantantes y conjuntos de música Rock y Pop de esas décadas, entre ellos los Pink Floyd y, aunque es inglés, lleva más de 15 años actuando en la costa alicantina, está casado con una mujer española y sabe como hablar con los que, como vosotros, estáis aprendiendo inglés, para hacerse entender sin demasiadas dificultades. Recordar que hay que recoger las correspondientes invitaciones en Secretaría, o pidiéndomelas a mi (Frank), o bien durante descansos entre clases, o bien martes y jueves de 3 a 5 y lunes y miércoles de 4 a 5, a partir de mañana y hasta finales de noviembre. Espero veros a todos aquí el día del concierto. Saludos Frank

26 Oct 2011

Small video about IT

Hi everyone,
I would like to share with my classmates this small video of the "IT CROWD" guys.
I hope that enjoy it.

13 Oct 2011

Welcome to the blog

Hi everyone, welcome to the blog. I hope you find it useful and that you enjoy writing on it. Please complete this form so I can give you access to writing.

19 Jul 2011

Happy summer holiday!!!

Hi everyone,
I wish you all a very relaxed summer holiday and I hope you use the English you learnt in class. I'm going to miss you all but I'll get back in September with recharged batteries. I hope you do the same.



31 May 2011


hi mate,
i would like to buy your iphone, if you are interested, please let me know..............

13 Apr 2011


Hi guys,
if you remember, I told you about one of my favourite songs ever. This is Summertime, which is a song from George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess. This version is by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (WOW!). I hope you like it because it makes me feel really good.

The second video is a version of the opera with the song I Got Plenty o'Nuttin' (I've got plenty of nothing, ... and nothing's plenty for me!), which talks about how happy we can be with no material possessions.

Hope you like them.

XOXO Vincent

21 Feb 2011

Elementary word list

please take a look at this word list and use it as much as possible.

3 Feb 2011

Steve Jobs: a model or a villain?

Hi guys,
why don't you take a look at this video? As you know, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple, one of the leading technological companies in the world. He gave this talk at a graduation ceremony at Stanford University.

The question is: would you do the same?

I expect your comments,

19 Jan 2011

Listening links

Hi everyone,

here is a link to a website with listening exercises. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot.


1 Jan 2011