22 Mar 2016

B2 exam practice

And this is for you, B2 children...

Extra practice...

C1 exam practice

My dear C1ish,

Please open this link to get some exam practice. I hope you find it useful.

Take care,

B2 & C1 Writing

My dear students,

I'd like to introduce a new way to work on your writing. If it works, it will be fantastic.

After some time working on this, Cambridge University Press have come up with a great tool to assess your writing. All you have to do is sign up (you can also use Facebook for that), choose the exercise and submit it. You'll get instant feedback about how to improve your writing, which you can resubmit to be reassessed. I think it's a great idea.

Try and do let me know if it works for you.

Here's a video explaining how it works:

And here's the link to go:

Good luck and enjoy your writing!


16 Mar 2016

12 Mar 2016

10 Mar 2016

B2 & C1 Reading practice

My dear students,

Please go to the following links to download some extra reading practice. I hope you find this useful.

You're doing a great job. You'll be rewarded at the end...

Take care,

Reading practice 01 
Reading practice 02
Reading practice 03
Reading practice 04

Reading practice 01
Reading practice 02

Listening, listening, listening

My dear students,

Stop doing what you're doing and go to

Here you'll find lots of exercises to practise for your listening exam.

I hope you find it useful.

Take care,

9 Mar 2016

Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol (bilingual English/Spanish)

My dear students,

I have made the edition of this classical story in a bilingual version English/Spanish. Momentarily, it's
only available for iOS devices, but it will soon be ready for other platforms.

I had to set a price for it because it's on the market worldwide.

I do hope you find it useful.

Click on this icon if you're curious:

Please rate it if you like it! Thanks!!!

Happy reading,

8 Mar 2016

Happy Women's Day!

And thank you for being the way you are!!!

7 Mar 2016

Certificació dates!!!

My dear students,

Please note that Conselleria has finally published the dates for the exams and for registration. They are as follows:


March 8th - March 21st (at 15:00!!!)


B2 Exam:

May 30th 16:00h

C1 Exam:

May 31st 16:00h

You have more info at the EOI's website:

I wish you all the best!