23 Apr 2016


If I say bull and bear market, do you understand...?

Listen to this podcast from the BBC and be enlightened.

All the best,

19 Apr 2016

William Shakespeare

My dear all,
As you know, this year we're celebrating both Cervantes and Shakespeare's 400th anniversary. Needless to say, the importance of both in world literature is absolutely huge.

I propose that you go to this link and read all the information offered by the British Library. By the way, next time you go to London, I suggest that you go to the British Library and find the exhibition room (to the left), where you'll be able to admire this copy of Shakespeare's First Folio:

You can also go to this map by Cambridge University Press and discover Shakespeare's London. So next time you go to London, you' won't need a guide ;-)

I do hope you enjoy it. And remember, as Shakespeare said,

Well, sir, learn to jest in good time;
there's a time for all things.
Take care,

10 Apr 2016

IMPORTANT: Oral exam authorization 2016

B2 & C1

My dear students,

Please download this pdf, print it, sign it and give it to me in class before Thursday Abril 14th.

Remember it's a good thing to be recorded as you'll have the benefit of a second opinion. However, you WILL NOT have access to the recordings. They'll be only for the head of the department.

Good luck everyone,


7 Apr 2016

B2 The passive (extra practice)

My dear B2 children,

Please download the following files with extra practice regarding the passive.

As usual, I hope you find them useful.

The passive

Have something done

Take care,