30 Nov 2015

C1 progress test unit 3

My dear C1ish students,

Here's the pdf with the progress test for unit 3. Please download it, do it and we'll check it in class on Wednesday 2nd Dec/Thursday 3rd December.

Hope you're having fun with the inversions. Not only are they interesting, they're also essential for your exams! ;-)

See you in class,

24 Nov 2015

Owen Jones in Salvados

You can view the full program here.

19 Nov 2015

B2 and C1 New York in the Fifties

Dear all,

Do you like this painting? Do you know who painted it?

Have you read On the Road? Do you know what kind of paper Jack Kerouac used to write his novel?

Watch this video and be amazed at how genious minds worked in 1951 in New York.

This is from a series of documentaries from the BBC. Click here if you want to know more.

16 Nov 2015

C1 Inversion

My dear C1 students,
Please download this pdf in which you will find explanations and exercises about inverrsion in English.

Should you really want to pass the exam, this is one of the points I think you should master.

You have the key to the exercises at the end of the pdf file.

We'll talk about this later in class.

Hope you find it useful.


Take care,

The power of education

10 Nov 2015

C1 Preview Unit 3

Dear C1 students,

We're about to finish unit 2 and therefore I'm sending you preview exercises for unit 3. You will find some for unit 4 as well. Ignore that by now and focus on unit 3, which is important and intense.

Preview unit 3 face2face C1

Enjoy it and learn,


8 Nov 2015

the ocean

6 Nov 2015

Obama and Attenborough talk about the environment

Dear all,

Don't miss out this amazingly intense interview with Barack Obama and David Attenborough, in which they discuss about the environment. Whose English do you understand better? Obama's American or Attenborough's British?

Sir David Attenborough is worldwide recognised as one of the best naturalists and producers working for the BBC. Chances are that you have seen more than one of his documentaries.

Enjoy it!


This is the full interview in case you're interested:

2 Nov 2015

You say potato, I say potato...

Dear students,

Some of you told me in class you had never heard this song. Let's find a solution to that.

Two of the greatest musicians in the history of jazz get together for you: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Enjoy it!!!


PS. Extra point if you give me the meaning of 'call the whole thing off'!