21 Dec 2010

A song for peace

somebody from class sent me a link to this video. It's a great song, don't you think?

Writing Competition

Hi everyone,
Cambridge University Press organizes a writing competition. If you feel like writing a short essay, you can access their website and send an e-mail with your story. The link is here.

Good luck!


19 Nov 2010

The Smurfs

Hi everyone,

during our last class, we talked about the Smurfs. I have found this video on YouTube that may help you remember these tiny blue people. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Smurfette (the girl), and the rest.

Have a nice smurf,


22 Oct 2010

INTERMEDIATE book to read

Hi guys,
the reading book for this term is going to be A Tangled Web, published by Cambridge University Press. It's a detective story that I hope you like and enjoy. You can find it at any bookshop in Llíria or Valencia.

Any problems, just ask.

Take care,

29 Sep 2010

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Grammar questions

Hi guys,

here is a link to some BASIC grammar exercises at a basic level.

And here to some INTERMEDIATE exercises.

How good are you at this?

Enjoy and learn!


Welcome back

Hi everybody,

this post is to welcome all of you to the classes. I'm very happy I could see my students from last year and very excited to get to know my new students this year. I think we're going to have a great time together.

To celebrate this first post, I invite you to play a grammar game that I hope you like.

The link is here.

And please feel free to make comments and write new posts!

Enjoy and learn!


13 Jul 2010

No pain for Spain

We are the champions of the FIFA World Cup 2010
Dedicated to the Spanish team, including Sara Carbonero and all Spanish supporters!!!
Sung by one of the most powerful voices never heard. (Freddy Mercury)

4 Jun 2010


The most beautiful music .........

10 May 2010

New web with music for students of English, French and German

Hi everyone,
just to let you know that a new website with music has been uploaded with some songs and exercises. Please take a look at it and give me constructive feedback. I'll appreciate it.


1 May 2010

Irregular verbs chart

Hi guys,
if you go to this link, you're going to find a document with irregular verbs. Download it and click on the verbs to hear the pronunciation.

Enjoy and learn,

26 Apr 2010

Study in Cambridge for free!!!

Hi guys,

Cambridge University Press is organising a grammar competition. The winner will get a two-week summer course in Cambridge, England. I suggest that you take part in it because it's free for you and you can learn a lot!

The link is here.

Good luck everyone,

30 Mar 2010

How to drive a Ferrari... by Fernando Alonso

Hi guys,
I found this picture and I thought you'd like it.

Don't do this at home!!!

29 Mar 2010


The way we's beautiful song.....

16 Mar 2010

3D graphics and Open Source

As an enthusiast of open source and gnu/linux, I'd like to share this funny video with you. It's entirely made with Blender, a fantastic Open Source 3D graphics software. Blender is free, you can download and use it(under a GNU General Public License), and many film studios use it for their movies('Spiderman 2', 'Friday or Another Day', 'The Secret of Kells' and for special effects in many television commercials in several parts of the world(Did you see the current advertising campaign for Listerine Total Care ...?)
*See also:
Blender on Wikipedia

Kajimba - snippets from Kajimba on Vimeo.

15 Mar 2010

Bahrain Grand Prix

Dear professor, I don't want to be cruel... but you must surrender to reality.
Compare both pictures, what's the difference between Mr. Shumacher and Mr. Alonso?
And this is only the first race !!!

3 Mar 2010




2 Mar 2010

21 Feb 2010

Grammar games...!!!???

Yes, you're reading alright! Click here for a stunning grammar game.

Good luck and be careful with electricity!

19 Feb 2010

Stuff happens

In my job I can see things like this. Here, this guy forgets to move the rope(upsss!!!):

And this time, trying to cut down a palm tree:

18 Feb 2010

Hello !!

a song for rainy day:

good bye !!

10 Feb 2010

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25 Jan 2010


Hi guys,
as I told you in class,
I get so many memories when I hear this song! When you come to analyse the lyrics, you see it's not too deep, but on the other hand I find it really sincere. Anyway, here's the video to a great song.