10 May 2010

New web with music for students of English, French and German

Hi everyone,
just to let you know that a new website with music has been uploaded with some songs and exercises. Please take a look at it and give me constructive feedback. I'll appreciate it.



  1. Hi Vincent
    I find these exercises a bit difficult, because the singer obviously sings faster than I can fill the gaps (in case I knew the answers). I have to listen moooooooore than twice to have a decent mark.
    In my opinion is easy to understand those songs that are known by me or I like them more. For example if I heard them before on the radio, or TV, altough it was long time before. (Enola Gay, killing me softly, Our house... )
    I'll keep on trying !!!
    Thank you teacher!!!

  2. Hi Vincent,
    I think that some songs have words really difficult to understand, but anyway I found it useful and funny.
    I agree with your song list. Seems that you have good taste in music. I enjoy a lot earing and remembering.
    Thank you for this moments.

  3. I'm glad you like it and I thank you for your comments. It was a lot of work but actually you are the ones we work for. The problem with music is that the songs are that way and you can't change them. But keep on trying mates!

    See you,