23 Dec 2013

21 Dec 2013

TED website.

Hi mates:

I would like to share an interesting website where all of you can improve your listening skill. This internet website is called TED. there are many speeches with different topics such as Politics, funny, informative and something like that.

This website helped me to pass the B2 English exam certification last year. You must watch twice, first of all without subtitles and finally with subtitles.

Merry christmas everybody and good luck next year with the exam.

12 Dec 2013

Music Topics

Following Vincent's tip I've been paying attention to the lyrics of some songs. I'll like sharing with you, and especially with Amparo Ramirez, these songs which are allied with the first units of the student's book.

Unit 1 Fashion matters
 Unit 2 The virtual world

Unit 3 Going places

Unit 4 Endangered

11 Dec 2013


I've finished my oral exam and wanted to share this video because there's something I always do, whenever I speak more and more softly.
Almost whisper...
Thanks, good luck with the marks and have a nice weekend.
See you on Monday.

2 Dec 2013


Hi guys,

Here you have the short made by Big Lazy Robot which I told you in class.

1 Dec 2013

Let's Talk Gardening

Dear classmates,

Winter has come. It's time to be next to the fire and there's nothing nicer on a cold day than a hot cup of herbal tea. Infusions or herbal teas have lots of wonderful benefits.

Among the big quantity of them such chamomile, lemon verbena, lemon balm, mints... I suggest to drink thyme. Thyme conteins many active principles to prevent diseases. Fresh thyme herb has one of the highest antioxidant level among herbs. I have it every morning to help me to reduce the risk of developing a cancer again.

Like most herbs thyme is relatively easy to grow in pots, even indoors. You only need a bright windowsill and some basic attention. In outdoor gardens the best place is in dry locations where other plants have trouble thriving.

Growing Conditions:

Light: thyme prefers bright light or full sun.
Water: water regularly, but not excessively. 
Temperature: average.
Soil: airly, light, fast-draining soil.
Fertilizer: don't need an special one. Use a liquid fertilizer or supplement the soil with controlled- release pellets.


I hope you enjoy plants. They give us a better world.