1 Dec 2013

Let's Talk Gardening

Dear classmates,

Winter has come. It's time to be next to the fire and there's nothing nicer on a cold day than a hot cup of herbal tea. Infusions or herbal teas have lots of wonderful benefits.

Among the big quantity of them such chamomile, lemon verbena, lemon balm, mints... I suggest to drink thyme. Thyme conteins many active principles to prevent diseases. Fresh thyme herb has one of the highest antioxidant level among herbs. I have it every morning to help me to reduce the risk of developing a cancer again.

Like most herbs thyme is relatively easy to grow in pots, even indoors. You only need a bright windowsill and some basic attention. In outdoor gardens the best place is in dry locations where other plants have trouble thriving.

Growing Conditions:

Light: thyme prefers bright light or full sun.
Water: water regularly, but not excessively. 
Temperature: average.
Soil: airly, light, fast-draining soil.
Fertilizer: don't need an special one. Use a liquid fertilizer or supplement the soil with controlled- release pellets.


I hope you enjoy plants. They give us a better world.


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  1. Great! Thanks for the information.
    I like mint infusions but it's really interesting the information about thyme. :)