2 Oct 2014

Trip to New York 2015

My dear students,
here is some info about the trip to New York next year. If you want to come, you have to tell me as soon as possible. The offer is very limited!

See you in New York...?

24 Sep 2014

European Language Portfolio

Please remember that the website for the e-ELP is as follows:

I hope you find this useful.


Welcome to class 2014/2015

My dear students,
I'm really happy to welcome you to OUR English blog. Here you can share your thoughts, opinions, videos, stories, and so on. Please remember to do so always in a respectful manner.

I do hope you enjoy the lessons and that we learn a lot together.

Your teacher,

22 May 2014

Good Luck Everyone!!!

24 Apr 2014

Hi, how are going the Easter holidays?
I hope OK :)

If you want something to read, two interesting articles.

My body, not the state’s

Taking back Córdoba Mezquita from Church makes no sense, argues minister

16 Apr 2014

:D ;)

Hi people. I wish you a nice Easter.

2 Apr 2014

23 Feb 2014

Ocho mujeres

Dear students,
as you know, I have written a book and I'd like to share it with you. Right now it's only available in a digital edition. You can see it in two ways:

  • Ocho mujeres

I hope you like it!

21 Feb 2014

An interesting article, don't you think so?

Oil prospectors make Balearic bid


16 Feb 2014


When I first saw and read this article I thought that perhaps some scenes of this short film were a bit exaggerated, but after an umpleasant situation in the underground last friday I have decided to share it with you, because I'm still really annoyed.

The title of the film is called Oppressed Majority. Her new project is about the renoval of pubic hair. What do you think girls?