30 Oct 2009

Fawlty Towers

take a look at this incerdibly funny scene from Fawlty Towers. Attention: it's addictive!


28 Oct 2009

Another video, this time pronunciation

Well, that's right. Check the difference between long /i:/ and short /i/.


25 Oct 2009

Save the Earth

Hi guys,
would you like to do something for our Mother Earth? Go to and have your say.

It's in your hands too.

Enjoy the song...

23 Oct 2009

Idiomatic phrases

Hello, teacher and classmates

Hear I post a video about idomatic phrases related to "Ice Skating". Remember we talked about "idioms" in Thursday's class. I think it's interesting. If not, I apologize.

20 Oct 2009

Vaughan Radio

Hi, this is for help us to practice English listening when we are in front of our computer.
Sometimes I use this webpage and I think that will be useful for my classmates.
You can listen here .

15 Oct 2009

BBC English Makeover

I found this for you. It is a radio program to help you with English problems. I hope you find it interesting. You can listen here and read here.

13 Oct 2009

British music in nobility

look what I found at It's a program with British music related to nobility. It's in Spanish but it's a nice cultural approach.

Sólo canciones (05/10/09)

6 Oct 2009

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Hi everyone,
I've included a small window to the online version of Cambridge dictionaries so please use it any time you like. It's on the left hand side of the page. I hope you find it useful.

Take care,