30 Sep 2015

C1 Fake nice

Dear C1 students,

Are you the faking type or the blunt kind of person?

Read about the issue from a British point of view and share your thoughts:

29 Sep 2015

Bert and Ernie grow a flower

I love this couple!!!!

B2 Joan Ganz Cooney: an inspiring woman

Dear B2 guys,

You might also like to watch this video interview with Joan Ganz Cooney, the inspiring story of a woman changing things.

More info about her here.

Hope you like it!


B2 Jonathan Ive talking about design

Dear B2 guys,

I found this and thought you might find it interesting.

Hope you like it.



Apple (B2)

Dear students,

Apple: Are you a lover or a hater? Usually there's no in-between.

In connection with the text we read in class about Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs, please find a text in which

23 Sep 2015

The textbooks

Dear students,
please note that the textbooks to be used for this year are the following:

2nd B2

Empower Upper-Intermediate B2

Student's Book: 9781107468726
Workbook: 9781107469044


face2face Advanced C1
ISBN: 9788490363959
(This ISBN includes the Workbook as well)

I hope you find this info useful.


21 Sep 2015

Please complete this form only once if you are my student for this year 2015/2016. Thanks!

15 Sep 2015

Welcome to the class of 2016

My dear students,
For the seventh year in a row, I'm going to be teaching at the EOI Llíria. My levels for this year will be B2 (second year) and C1. I'm absolutely thrilled that you're reading this blog. Please take part in it with respect and enjoy both the blog and the classes. And most of all, learn as much as you can!

Welcome to the class of 2016!!!