30 Sep 2015

C1 Fake nice

Dear C1 students,

Are you the faking type or the blunt kind of person?

Read about the issue from a British point of view and share your thoughts:


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm till laughing.
    First, I don't like fake people although sometimes you have to be nice or not saying you're thinking.

    This part really fun: "Professor Brubaker compared 50 fake nice middle class people with a group of overt bastards including bitter cantankerous pensioners and psychopathic Welsh hill farmers."

    And Mary Fisher, of course :)

  2. My own view is that fake nice people are pleasant at first but, eventually, they show what they really are like. Conversely, those "openly unpleasant", although not very friendly or kind, are more likely to externalise what their real thoughts are. Just like life itself, the sooner you find out about "the truth" the better.
    Therefore, I would honestly say that I might be considered as a person in between, as sometimes I have had to prevent myself from saying what I actually intented to say rather than opening up sincerely. On the other hand, I try to be as respectul as possible with everybody, so I would not say I am a "bastard" either.

  3. And I think people don't want to know what you think about them (really and generally).
    Not friends, I mean.
    But it's different not to say the true than being fake.

  4. Happy Birthday Vincent.
    I hope you're having a great day.