1 Aug 2012

Next year...

My dear students,

as you know, last year I was kindly asked to move to Elx. But you know I never settle, and so I decided to go for a chance to stay in Llíria. Well, now I can confirm that I'll be in Llíria next year. It's great news, because I'll be able to see you all and of course, if you have any problems at all, you can count on me.

I've been very happy these past years. You never know what might await in life, but what I've learned is that you have to create options for your future decisions.

It worked for me. Well, I hope you have a great summer!

I'll see you in September,

Your Vincent

And don't forget to celebrate and dance!!!

4 Mar 2012

BBC in Valencia

Hi, watch why we're famous these days...

13 Feb 2012

I wanna dance with somebody!

I wanted to share with you this videoclip, in honor of Whitney Houston, recently disappered.

I consider myself a romantic girl, but I hate sickly sweet things...
Enjoy it and.... DANCE!!!!!

12 Feb 2012


Some people say this is the Y generation. Why are there no jobs for youngsters? Why are we suddenly poorer than our parents? Why do we have to retire at 67 years old? Why do some people eat caviar everyday when there are people dying from starvation? Why? Y? This is what I thought today while testing my new macro lense in my camera. Isn't it funny?

8 Feb 2012

The beauty of pollination

I invite you to enjoy the next four minutes viewing this video...

5 Feb 2012

Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed

Amazing video!!!

I advice everyone to see this video, then you will think differently about life.........

Subtitles avaible in English...

Best regards

31 Jan 2012

One day

I love this video!!

25 Jan 2012

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next

As the title of this post suggests, we're living hard, uncertain times. But there's always the hope of union. All together against social unjustice, all together for a better world for the future generations.

Whatever it is that we don't do today, tomorrow will be too late...

22 Jan 2012

Architecture & Emotions


I would like to share whith you my blog (Architecture & Emotions). From today I write every post in Spanish and in English language. I wish you like it.

Vincent, I'm sorry about the mistakes. I've just started. I promise doing it better and better.