1 Aug 2012

Next year...

My dear students,

as you know, last year I was kindly asked to move to Elx. But you know I never settle, and so I decided to go for a chance to stay in Llíria. Well, now I can confirm that I'll be in Llíria next year. It's great news, because I'll be able to see you all and of course, if you have any problems at all, you can count on me.

I've been very happy these past years. You never know what might await in life, but what I've learned is that you have to create options for your future decisions.

It worked for me. Well, I hope you have a great summer!

I'll see you in September,

Your Vincent

And don't forget to celebrate and dance!!!


  1. Hi Vicent!!!

    Very good news for everyone, I´m very happy to share with you next year. It will be amazing..

    See you soon

    Jose & Maria Jose

  2. It's very good news!! :D
    I hope you're having a nice summer

  3. As I said to my partners, by e-mail, I won't go to LLiria School this year. I'm sorry, but I can't see you this course...
    I will go to Quart, and Laura and Inma will return to Utiel School.
    I'm glad to have met you, and I hope we keep in touch!

    Kisses ang hugs to everyone!

  4. More than one year without any post.... Have you forgotten your blog??