20 Oct 2009

Vaughan Radio

Hi, this is for help us to practice English listening when we are in front of our computer.
Sometimes I use this webpage and I think that will be useful for my classmates.
You can listen here .


  1. I love his podcats. I usually listen to it in my ipod. And I love his TV programs too. I saw them last year in Veo TV on saturday mornings. Both are so exciting. Participants shoud be many attentive because he makes many questions, the rhythm class is very quick and he force students to be themselves the persons how speak all the time.

  2. Hello,
    This is my first comment at the blog. I think that only Vicent can create a new post or tema.
    Then I will use this comment for talking about the film "Love Actually" (today we talked about this film at the class). I´ve watched two times it because it liked me very much. I think that it shows a lot of different loves: the first love, the passionate love, the mature love, etc.... If you don´t watch this film, you must watch it because in my opinion it´s a good comedy.

  3. Hi jimepa,

    I'm very excited that you wrote on the blog! Thanks so much! And thanks for the link. Everything you can do to improve your English will be good at the end of the year!