6 Nov 2015

Obama and Attenborough talk about the environment

Dear all,

Don't miss out this amazingly intense interview with Barack Obama and David Attenborough, in which they discuss about the environment. Whose English do you understand better? Obama's American or Attenborough's British?

Sir David Attenborough is worldwide recognised as one of the best naturalists and producers working for the BBC. Chances are that you have seen more than one of his documentaries.

Enjoy it!


This is the full interview in case you're interested:


  1. Thanks.
    Totally agree: The natural world is part of our inheritance. This is the planet on which we live. It's the only one we've got and we've got to protect it.

  2. I pretty much understand both of them. As I see it, Obama's speeches are, on average, clear enough. On the other side, British English sounds even clearer and more beautiful to me.

  3. Me too, I've understood both. But in general, I understand better American English, maybe because I'm use to listening - you know: films, TV shows, videos on the internet...

  4. Well, coming back to the environmental issue, I definitely think that Governments don´t do what they should do to protect nature, unless out of record. I assume it is just a question of priorities betting only for facing current problems today. It´s my two cents.