3 Feb 2011

Steve Jobs: a model or a villain?

Hi guys,
why don't you take a look at this video? As you know, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple, one of the leading technological companies in the world. He gave this talk at a graduation ceremony at Stanford University.

The question is: would you do the same?

I expect your comments,


  1. In his talk, I want to emphasize when he says "Love what you do". I'd add "Do what you love". These are the keys to happiness.

  2. That's nice advice, Paco. I think so too. Vincent

  3. when health is like his one, everyone has a different answer to the same problem. we don't know how we go to answer until we have the problem. There are a lot of people wiht similar problems, but with different end. I think however, is the best way to take problems, how if the problem is only another decission in life. can be good, can be bad, but to know it, you must to do something, you can't stay doing nothing. Well, then, stand up, do it with all your sense and feel that you did something about it. you'll feel good with yourself, I'm sure. it's another way to happiness, i think.