11 Nov 2011

100 years

Today, 11, 11, 11, my grandfather would have turned 100 years old. One century! Unfortunately, he's not here today, but it's truly comforting to think that he'll be in my heart as long as I live. 100 years is a long time... relatively speaking. But not that much when you think you were part of them. I remember my brother and I used to play cards with my granddad. He was great fun but as years went by he got kind of slightly deaf. My brother and I would try to cheat him by whispering 'throw a 3,' or 'throw a 5'. I'm sure now he could hear us alright but he would never say a thing. It was his way to show he cared for us. I also remember this Christmas day when all the family got together and stuff. We used to have lunch at my grandparents' flat. There all my cousins would perform a sketch or sing Christmas carols. But there was one particular thing I'll never forget. My granddad had a little black purse in which he hid some money and a tape. He had one of the ends of the tape outside the purse, in a way that he could pull it out. Then he would come to us and tell us it was a money machine. We were only kids and so we believed it. We would pull the tape and money would flow out of the purse. Then we kept the money. It was our Christmas' money. We thought it was magic! Everything then was magic. We would believe anything. The day he died, I was really really sad. However, someone said something I'll never forget: 'Just think of how lucky you've been all these years you've shared with your granddad. You should be happy for that.' You know what? I was. And I am. I'm really happy I enjoyed my granddad for quite a few years. And I'm glad I can tell you about him today, on 11, 11, 11. Always in my heart, thank you yayo.

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  1. What a nice story, Vincent! It's so affectionated, thanks for sharing it with us.